Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

PEMF is commonly known as “energy medicine” because it uses a non-invasive technology to “recharge the batteries” of the patient's body with magnetic energy. PEMF is a powerful healing tool, for muscle recovery, resetting the central nervous system, strengthening the immune system, and improving cellular health. There are SO many benefits to a PEMF therapy session – it's out-of-this-world, literally: astronauts use PEMF to recover from a debilitating space mission

PEMF Therapy gives patients 30 minutes of a calm “rest and relax” environment to shake off the stress. This machine is mainly used for post-corona treatment. Lungs are the main organ that gets affected in corona. This machine rejuvenates lungs and enhances the oxygen breathing and sustaining capacity of the lungs.

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PEMF therapy is effective because it conveys 'information' that triggers specific repair activities within the body. The currents induced in tissues by PEMF mimic the natural electrical activities created within bones during movements.

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