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The new moms may need additional support when it comes to understand breastfeeding positions. Most of the times, women may not have adequate knowledge about this subject. Be it due to their new role in life or any other reason, they need to get acquainted with the posture during breastfeeding to avoid any discomfort while sitting or whatsoever.
Here are some of the tips new moms should adopt in their lifestyle to make breastfeeding practice smooth without facing any problem due to improper posture:

Basic point of relevance:
The child should be safely and properly positioned against the body of lactating mother. The comfort of mom is a supreme factor which needs to be borne in mind. The position of head, hips and shoulders should be in alignment. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is the proper posture of mother and the technique of holding the infant which makes the practice of lactating ease without affecting any of the two.
Breastfeeding Positions you should know:
cradle position, cross-cradle position, clutch position and side-lying position are some of the common positions of breastfeeding. Let us understand few of them:
Cradle position:
The cradle hold is one of the common positions of lactating mother. In this posture, the baby is positioned at mother’s breast. The head of infant is cradled near mom’s elbow. The support of elbow ensures the safety of child’s back and neck. The right posture includes alignment of baby and mother from chest to chest.
Cross cradle position:
In this position, mother uses opposite arm to cradle the baby while his back of the head and neck are supported by mother’s hand. She might use the other hand to shape breast, if required. In this posture, mother can guide baby if he faces issue during breastfeeding.
A proper posture cannot be compromised during breastfeeding. If you are a mother who has undergone the trauma of delivery, then, you need to get prepared with the understanding of breastfeeding posture and positioning of baby to be held. Hence, Align Body Physiotherapy Clinic is the right place to get assistance and support regarding the same.

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