Knock Knees

A person with knock knees (genu valgum) has a large gap between their feet when they're standing with their knees together. Many young children have knock knees, which tend to be most obvious at around the age of 4.

There are many reasons of knock knees, some health conditions can result into know knees but in small children sitting in ‘W’ position is the main cause of knock knees. In most young children, the condition will naturally correct itself with the help of physiotherapy. Only 1 percent of children age 7 years are still affected. In rare cases, genu valgum may continue into adolescence.

Symptoms of knock knees

  • knee or hip pain.
  • foot or ankle pain.
  • feet not touching while standing with knees together.
  • stiff or sore joints.
  • a limp while walking.

knock knees 1

For children and adults with genu valgum, a course of physical therapy and exercises can help realign their knees. It can also strengthen surrounding muscles and avoid stress damage to other joints.

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