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What Are insoles?
Normally insoles are used to help the regular balance while walking. We at Align Body provide customized insoles that help in aligning the body and reduce the knee pain, back pain, joint pain due to flat feet or arch issues.
The Insole We Have for You Insoles are needed for people with conditions like Flat Feet, Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Gait Dysfunction & Abnormalities, Heel Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee
Pain, Runner’s Knee, and Shin Splints. To reduce the pressure over the adjacent joint. Align Body suggest insoles.

Insoles are mainly used to align the body which ultimately reduces the pain in back, knees, joints and ankles. The aligning of the body off loads the pressure and so the pain reduces.

We at Align Body, understand that everybody has different requirements, so we prescribe customized insoles to ensure that the insoles are perfectly suited to you and your needs.

Our insoles are customized that have been designed with thought to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from these insoles.
There are many benefits of insoles like:
• Aligns the body
• Reduces the pressure
• Reduces pain
• Improves the posture

Insoles can be beneficial in issues like:
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Heels Pain
• Knock knees
• Bow knees
• Post Surgeries (Ankle Fracture, Knees, Ligament Tear etc.)
• Leg Length Discrepancy

Insoles provide much needed pain relief for foot, ankle and leg injuries, they provide a wide range of benefits focused on aligning feet and body into a healthy position when standing, running and walking. Insoles help existing foot disorders and it prevents foot conditions from developing.
When people think of insoles, they often picture something like a rubbery thing put inside the shoe. But insoles are now such a common and vital component of both sports training and everyday life. We at Align Body specialize in customized insoles.
We understand the need of every patient is different and so we try and provide customized solution and treatment to each one.
Book you appointment today with Align Body and feel the difference.

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