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Staying healthy is an essential prerequisite for quality lifestyle. But, when it comes to addressing issues of body, then, some conditions are common yet we might be unaware about them. Knock knees or Genu Valgum is a condition, wherein, knees tilt inward, but, knees stay apart with ample space. In this condition, on keeping knees together, the lower parts of legs stay apart.

Symptoms of Knock Knees

If you experience the distance between ankles up to 8 cm, then, this abnormal situation signifies the appearance of knock knees. Let’s clarify that normal distance is small between ankles and in this condition, limping, knee pain as well as discomfort in walking are some of the issues which you may experience in knock knees condition.

What you should know about knock knees?

This condition cannot improve on its own, instead, the consistent pressure on knees can cause arthritis. Generally, knock knees is a part of young children’s normal life wherein, they experience this condition for a short period of time in their early years. In addition to this, in infants, this condition may not be typical. But, many infants tend to have bowlegs until they are 24 months old. In toddlers, knock knees become visible when they are 2-3 years’ old. By the time, the toddlers attain the age of 4-5, their knees may tilt up increasingly inward.

Similarly, the symmetric inward angulation of the knees and outward rotating feet are some of the common observations in the health condition of knock knees.

How can physiotherapy cure knock knees?

Exercise has always been a wonderful potion for bones, muscles and overall health. In the case of Genu valgum or knock knees, stretching and regular exercises are beneficial for a soothing relief. On the other hand, the physiotherapy is helpful in strengthening muscles and realigning knees. Basically, the physical therapist plans a routine according to the severity of your condition. Furthermore, weight loss is also effective in treating knock knees as excessive weight can cause this condition.

If you are looking for a physiotherapy based solution for knock knees, then, visit Align Body Physiotherapy, the best clinic that promises strength and mobility to people of different ages. With our knee braces, the knock knee correction solution helps the patient in overcoming this situation.

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