Did you know physiotherapy can avoid surgeries?

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps in restoring movement and functions with patients affected by injuries, illness or disability. Physiotherapy also reduces the chances of injury and illness in the future, it has a holistic approach.

How Physiotherapy Can Help Avoiding Surgery?

For patients who are facing a chance of potential surgery, Physiotherapy can work as a saver. Patients who wish to avoid surgery and long term medication, Physiotherapy is an excellent option. In most of the cases, an early intervention of a skilled physiotherapist can prevent the need of surgery. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing Physiotherapy over Surgery?

Studies have shown that people who opt for physiotherapy over surgery are 50% less likely to have surgery. For example data from another study shows that knee arthritis and meniscus injuries noted that 60-70 percent of knee surgeries were avoided by patients having physiotherapy first.


  • Physiotherapy is non-invasive
  • Physiotherapy has less risk than surgery
  • Physiotherapy is more cost effective 
  • Physiotherapy reduces overall doctor visits
  • Physiotherapy can save from unplanned absences from work or other obligations
  • Physical therapy prevents further injury 

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