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Pain persisting in lower back for more than 12 weeks is called chronic lower back pain.Technically lower back pain can be categorized into 3 categories:• Specific spinal pathology• Nerve root pain• Non-specific lower back painHow it becomes chronic?It is known as a women’s ailment as, about 70.3% females suffer from this in comparison with men with 57%. Factors like age, previous events of back pain or psychosocial disorders have negative effects on recovery.Symptoms of Lower Back pain• Pain and discomfort

It is an ancient alternative therapy for managing pain. But it came under a spotlight in 2016 Olympic Games, when a swimmer showed his back covered with large red circles.During dry cupping, suction is applied to the affected area for several minutes. This draws the fluids to that particular area, improving the blood circulation and easing out the pain.What does cupping therapy do?In recent years, cupping therapy has gained a relatively more respect in the field of pain management. The

The new moms may need additional support when it comes to understand breastfeedingpositions. Most of the times, women may not have adequate knowledge about this subject.Be it due to their new role in life or any other reason, they need to get acquainted with theposture during breastfeeding to avoid any discomfort while sitting or whatsoever.Here are some of the tips new moms should adopt in their lifestyle to make breastfeedingpractice smooth without facing any problem due to improper posture: Basic point

Staying healthy is an essential prerequisite for quality lifestyle. But, when it comes to addressing issues of body, then, some conditions are common yet we might be unaware about them. Knock knees or Genu Valgum is a condition, wherein, knees tilt inward, but, knees stay apart with ample space. In this condition, on keeping knees together, the lower parts of legs stay apart. Symptoms of Knock Knees If you experience the distance between ankles up to 8 cm, then, this abnormal situation

Are you lately feeling numbness in arms and tingling effect in hands accompanied with the pain? Is this discomfort consistent? Well, in that case, you are probably suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). It is a condition where the median nerve of hand gets compressed or squeezed while traveling through the wrist. If you want to get rid of all the problems caused due to CTS, then, you should visit Align Body Physiotherapy Clinic and seek assistance. Here are some of