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Pain is one of the commonest words used in today’s life. Thanks to the lifestyle and eating
habits. It is very easy to think if you don’t have to do strenuous physical labor you can’t
injure yourself. But actually, office workers face a lot of physical pain due to sedentary
working style. Bad posture during work is one of the main reasons of pains and problems.
To overcome this pain, one need the understanding of which workplace habits are causing
the pain and problems.

Voice it before the problem starts

It is unfortunate that people wait until the pain becomes problem. However, proactively
reducing the risk of employees developing MSDs before they arise can prevent future
pain and boost productivity.

The key to combating MSDs is spreading awareness about the harmful activities and
how to tackle the issues.

Physiotherapists have a deep and better understanding of the strains caused by poor
working habits and the contributing factors which lead to the development of
musculoskeletal problems. They can have even better understanding of the problem by
speaking to the employer, they understand the working patterns and needs of staff to
create a tailored strategy.

This includes taking a holistic view of the patient, focusing on increasing physical
activity, improving aspects of emotional wellbeing which can contribute to pain,
enhancing an employee’s general health and wellbeing, as well as traditional
interventions such as workplace ergonomics.

A healthy and knowledgeable workforce not only boosts productivity by reducing the
number of sick days but means employees are free from the distraction of pain and
stress while at work.

Identifying the problem

Often, MSDs go hand in hand with poor mental health, with constant pain and
discomfort being linked to stress and anxiety. Employees avoiding physical triggers
could find their mental health improved, as their mood is lifted and they achieve better
quality sleep thanks to relief from the nagging pain.

Make it a better place to work

Making your workplace fit for all employees will drastically reduce absences and those
who recognize the positive steps being taken to ensure a better productivity.

If you or anybody you know are facing similar issues, you may call Align Body today for
more information.

Did you know physiotherapy can avoid surgeries?

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps in restoring movement and functions with patients affected by injuries, illness or disability. Physiotherapy also reduces the chances of injury and illness in the future, it has a holistic approach.

How Physiotherapy Can Help Avoiding Surgery?

For patients who are facing a chance of potential surgery, Physiotherapy can work as a saver. Patients who wish to avoid surgery and long term medication, Physiotherapy is an excellent option. In most of the cases, an early intervention of a skilled physiotherapist can prevent the need of surgery. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing Physiotherapy over Surgery?

Studies have shown that people who opt for physiotherapy over surgery are 50% less likely to have surgery. For example data from another study shows that knee arthritis and meniscus injuries noted that 60-70 percent of knee surgeries were avoided by patients having physiotherapy first.


  • Physiotherapy is non-invasive
  • Physiotherapy has less risk than surgery
  • Physiotherapy is more cost effective 
  • Physiotherapy reduces overall doctor visits
  • Physiotherapy can save from unplanned absences from work or other obligations
  • Physical therapy prevents further injury 

At Align Body we make sure to treat our patients with utmost deliberation of precision. To know more call us or visit alignbody.com today. 

It is s a therapy where a systemic execution of planned physical movements, postures, or activities intended to enable the patients to reduce risk, enhance function, remediate or prevent impairment, optimize overall health, and improve fitness and well‐being. Many physiotherapists believe in this therapy for helping their patients recover.

What role does exercise therapy plays in physiotherapy?

Exercise Therapy can provide a lot of health benefits:
• Restore the body from injury and the effects of disability
• Improves strength, flexibility, and range of movement
• Reduces the likelihood of re-injury
• Minimize re-occurrence of certain conditions or functional decline

What is the difference between exercise therapy and physical therapy?

Where physical therapy focuses on restoring movement to the restricted parts of the body, exercise physiology seeks to relieve symptoms through the cellular effect of exercise on the body.

What are some physical therapy exercises?

• Ankle Strengthening Exercises
• Lower Extremity Range of Motion Exercises
• Lower Extremity Strengthening Exercises
• Neural Glide Exercises
• Scapular Strengthening Exercises
• Shoulder Range of Motion Exercises
• Shoulder Strengthening Exercises
• Shoulder Strengthening with Bands Exercises
• Spine Exercise Exercises
• Stretching/Range of Motion exercises
Now you can have all the benefits from the exercise therapy and really can enjoy life better. Book your appointment at Align Body today and feel he difference.

What is Electrotherapy?

It is a process where; a small current of electricity is passed through the patient’s skin. This encourages the muscles to heal also it blocks the electrical neural signals to brain that’s tells the muscle to feel the pain.
There are various forms of electrotherapy which can be used to treat acute or chronic pain or to stimulate nerves and muscles for healthier functioning. Few of them are:

• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
• Therapeutic Ultrasound
• Interferential
• Electro Acupuncture
• Shockwave Therapy
• Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Benefits of electro Therapy

This therapy has a wide range of benefits besides just reducing pain and healing injuries.

• Non-invasive and drug-free therapy
• Painless
• Highly effective
• Reduces nerve pain
• Promotes healing of musculoskeletal injuries
• Prevents muscle atrophy
• Increases circulation for wound repair
• Minimal or no-side effect

Because of all these reasons Electrotherapy is one of the most common methods physiotherapists use in daily practice. Health conditions where electrotherapy can be of great help:

• Oedema
• Muscle atrophy
• Limited motion
• Limited blood circulation
• Migraines
• Fibromyalgia
• Nerve pain
• Pain from musculoskeletal injuries
• Morning stiffness
• Arthritis
• Post-surgical pain
• Neck pain and stiffness
• Lower back pain
• Tennis Elbow
• Jumpers Knee
• Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
• Planter Fasciitis
• Shoulder Injuries

Electrotherapy mainly can be divided into 2 categories:

• Tissue repair
• Pain relief

As mentioned, applying electrical signals can block or slow down the “Pain Gate” neural transmissions to the brain from affected areas of the body. Electrotherapy has also been found to encourage the release of endorphins, the body’s painkilling hormones, which increases the overall effect.

Electrotherapy treatment methods

  • Electrode Pads
  • Electroacupuncture Needles
  • Ultrasound

If you are looking for a trusted physiotherapist in Delhi, who can give you a perfect diagnosis and treatment, then you should book an appointment at AlignBody, Delhi’s most sought after physiotherapy clinic.

This is something that has been in existence since ancient times. In Greece, a small metallic instrument called ‘Strigil’ for therapeutic purposes. Even in traditional Chinese Medicine a similar technique called ‘Gua Sha’ is in practice that increases the blood circulation to facilitate the supply of blood and oxygen to the soft tissues. In modern world, many similar techniques are in use like, Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (Astym), fascial abrasion technique, and Graston technique.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue mobilization (IASTM) is relatively gentle and has been found effective for acute injury rehabilitation and ligamentous injuries. The instrument is not a replacement of the therapist’s hands but it enhances the ability to detect adhesions and soft tissue restrictions.

The surface of the instrument minimizes the force but maximize the force delivered to the tissues, making it possible to stimulate points in deep areas. IASTM is able to give positive effects in a shorter period, increasing the blood circulation and nutrient to the affected area, resulting in new collagen formation which eventually regenerates the injured tissue.

Today IASTM is successfully been used in treatment of sports injury. IASTM can significantly shortens the rehabilitation period.

Benefits of IASTM

• Mobilize muscles, tendons, and ligaments to decrease pain
• Improve mobility
• Stimulate rehabilitation and recovery
• IASTM is indicated to treat the following injuries:
• Various tendinopathies such as tennis or golfer’s elbow and Achilles tendinitis
• Chronic muscle strain
• Chronic ligamentous strains
• Excessive scarring
• Running-related injuries, including plantar fasciitis
• Iliotibial band syndrome (IT Band)

The Physiotherapist Doctor here in Align Body are constantly learning and challenging themselves to be the best in whatever possible treatment they can provide to their patients.

For the best treatment in IASTM, book an appointment with Align Body, Delhi’s most sought after Physiotherapy Clinic.

Right now, we all are living in a truly extraordinary times. The coronavirus is currently tightening its grip on global economies and in doing so placing immense pressure on our healthcare system. This is causing tremendous suffering to our society. Hospitals and clinics are going virtual, just like our education system and working style. But what about the physiotherapy sector of medical system? This is something that needs a human contact for most of its therapies and services. Our brave doctors have come up with a solution, after all the satisfaction of our patients is our utmost priority.
Align Body have a facility called Home Care, where the therapists and doctors visit the patient at the safe vicinity of their home. Since most of the patient seldom coming out and visit for regular sessions of physiotherapy.

Align Body is providing all following services and therapies under Home Care Program:
• Cupping Therapy
• Myofascial Releases
• Dry Needling
• Electro Therapy
• Exercises
• Stretches
• Manual Therapy
This program has been designed in a manner to cover almost all most important ailments. Our therapist follow all the Covid Safety Protocols implemented by the Government. They all are vaccinated and carry mask and sanitizer with them. The temperature is checked every morning. Patients can book an appointment through the website or via call.

What Are insoles?
Normally insoles are used to help the regular balance while walking. We at Align Body provide customized insoles that help in aligning the body and reduce the knee pain, back pain, joint pain due to flat feet or arch issues.
The Insole We Have for You Insoles are needed for people with conditions like Flat Feet, Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Gait Dysfunction & Abnormalities, Heel Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee
Pain, Runner’s Knee, and Shin Splints. To reduce the pressure over the adjacent joint. Align Body suggest insoles.

Insoles are mainly used to align the body which ultimately reduces the pain in back, knees, joints and ankles. The aligning of the body off loads the pressure and so the pain reduces.

We at Align Body, understand that everybody has different requirements, so we prescribe customized insoles to ensure that the insoles are perfectly suited to you and your needs.

Our insoles are customized that have been designed with thought to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from these insoles.
There are many benefits of insoles like:
• Aligns the body
• Reduces the pressure
• Reduces pain
• Improves the posture

Insoles can be beneficial in issues like:
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Heels Pain
• Knock knees
• Bow knees
• Post Surgeries (Ankle Fracture, Knees, Ligament Tear etc.)
• Leg Length Discrepancy

Insoles provide much needed pain relief for foot, ankle and leg injuries, they provide a wide range of benefits focused on aligning feet and body into a healthy position when standing, running and walking. Insoles help existing foot disorders and it prevents foot conditions from developing.
When people think of insoles, they often picture something like a rubbery thing put inside the shoe. But insoles are now such a common and vital component of both sports training and everyday life. We at Align Body specialize in customized insoles.
We understand the need of every patient is different and so we try and provide customized solution and treatment to each one.
Book you appointment today with Align Body and feel the difference.

Sports rehabilitation is an aspect that is concerned specifically with the rehabilitation and prevention of injury in order to achieve optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness. Sports therapists usually prescribe exercise for strength, endurance and re-conditioning.

Mainly sports rehabilitation has 2 key goals:
First – to help patient regain their pre-injury levels of physical stamina and physical fitness, and Secondly – strengthen the individual by designing programs specific in strength, power and endurance, which will bring the injured person to return-to-sport.
To achieve this usually physiotherapists follow these 7 principles. This ensures the optimal recovery and return-to-sport for the sportsperson.

  1. Performance Analysis
  2. Continuous Goal Setting
  3. Combination of Physiotherapy and Sports Science
  4. Individually Tailored Sports Rehabilitation Program
  5. Variation of Program Based on Patient Progress
  6. Re-analysis Prior to Return-to-Sport
  7. Prevention of Re-injury
    Each of these principles work in bringing the injured person back to normal and even beyond their original performance levels.
    At Align Body, we make sure to design a rehabilitation program keeping in mind these 7 principles. Our endevour remains to work on aspects like strength, power, mobility, flexibility, endurance, reaction, agility, biochemicals and also the physiological state of the mind. In sports rehabilitation, performance analysis is utilized to access the physical capabilities of a person.
    At Align Body, we initially perform the performance analysis and find the root cause and/or factors contributing to the injury. The final stage of sports rehabilitation is the prevention of future and/or re-injury.
    We believe in being with the patient emotionally through out the sessions, it is very important to rebuild the enthusiasm and zest for life within the patient.
    Visit Alignbody.in to fix an appointment.

What is Dry Needling?
It is a technique where small needles are inserted into the myofascial trigger points, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. This stimulates the healing response of the body. It reduces the pain and discomfort.

How it works?
Fine needles are inserted into the points, a local twitch response (LTR) can be elicited. Through this, decreased muscle contraction, reduced chemical irritation, improved flexibility can be achieved. This also provides short term relief in the pain. The aim of the dry needling depends on the patient’s pathology. Inserting an acupuncture-like needle into the trigger point relaxes the muscles, boosts blood flow, diminishes inflammation, and triggers a healing response. This treatment also improves nerve communication and activates the release of your body’s natural pain relievers.

Benefits of Dry Needling:
• Get fast pain relief
• Better circulation
• Immediate reduction in local of widespread pain
• Healing starts immediately
• Regain your range of motion

Things like tight and painful muscles can restrict your movement. If you have multiple trigger points, you may experience severely limited mobility. And when you’re not active, your muscles weaken and lose mass. We at Align Body, often combine dry needling with a physical therapy program to rebuild the strength and fully restore the range of motion. Physical therapy also retrains your muscles, and this helps to prevent future trigger points.

Speed up the recovery

when you suffer an injury or had surgery, the best way to heal is to move the body. Physiotherapy becomes the primary treatment during your recovery. Though adding Dry Needling in the treatment can accelerate the healing process. It improves chronic pain conditions. Dry Needling can be beneficial in problems like, Myofascial and Fibromyalgia.
To learn more about Dry Needling give a call to Align Body today.

What is Osteopathy?
It is a drug-free, non-invasive manual therapy that helps improving health by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework of the body.
In this we detect, treat and prevent health problems by moving, stretching and massaging patient’s muscles and joints. It is based on the principle of bones, muscles, ligaments and cognitive tissues functioning together.

What are the benefits of osteopathy?

The focus remains reaching to the root cause and symptoms. After the treatment, the patient experiences a reduction in pain and discomfort.
Alleviating pain and discomfort can lead to:
• Improved body function, flexibility, and mobility
• A more restful and deeper sleeping pattern not interrupted by pain.
• An increase in your energy levels
• A reduction in stress levels and muscle tension
• A positive effect on your mood, memory and mental health
• A general improvement to your overall health and sense of wellness

It has a holistic approach
It is mainly the approach that makes it different from other techniques. It understands the interconnected nature of human body and treats the main cause. It also helps in reducing the reoccurring conditions. It is known for having positive effect on circulation, nervous and lymphatic systems.

It has gentle techniques
At Align Body, we use a range of gentle, hands on techniques which aims to restore
muscle function and improves joint movement and flexibility. Our techniques include:
• Soft tissue stretching and cross fiber/longitudinal massage therapy
• Sustained trigger point pressure
• Gentle joint manipulation
• Mobilization techniques
• Muscle Energy techniques (MET)
• Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy
• Lymphatic drainage techniques