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Align Body Physiotherapy Clinic

We at Align Body, believe that everybody is unique and we always strive to address the cause rather than just the symptoms. As one of the most sought after physiotherapy center in Delhi, we respect this difference and after a thorough session, we tailor the assessment and the best treatment. At Align Body, our main motive and concern is to design a treatment that will help you achieve a better and healthy lifestyle.







Align Body Physiotherapy Center Helps You with


Generally considered as a disorder which causes pain with high intensity, generally on one side of

the head, We treat it by using therapies like Osteopathy and Dry Needling very effectively.
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One of the most common sleep disorders in today’s generation where people are

busy in their professional life. People with Insomnia are not satisfied with their sleep. We cure it by using Cranial Sacral Therapy.
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Disc problem

"Intervertebral disc" is like a spongy cushion that separates the vertebrae (block-like bone)

of the spine. We cure it by doing biomechanical correction of spine which relief from radicular pains and prevents you from surgeries.
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Frozen shoulder

It is also known as “adhesive capsulitis” which simply define as stiffness in the

shoulder joint. We treat it by conducting Chiropractic Techniques and Myofascial Releases (MFR) for effective results.
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It refers to the pain related to the sciatic nerve (lower back through the hips and down each leg). It

happens because of herniated disc & narrowing of the spine. We treat this using Chiropractic & Spinal manipulation techniques.
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It is an inflammation of the coccyx (tailbone), caused due to major injury

and reflects very dull & achy pain. At Alignbody, we treat it initially by including ergonomic adjustment like using doughnut-shaped pillow etc.
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Cervical Pain

It is the main cause of cervical Spondylosis or osteoarthritis (related to the changes in

the bones, disc or joints) directly connected to the neck. We treat it with a nonsurgical method, applying chiropractic and osteopathy therapy.
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Our goals involve, acute care, rehab care, community integration. It can be

treated by improving motor control by electrical stimulation. We focus on enhancing fitness, restoring mobility & improving the independency of the patient.
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Urinary incontinence (UI)

It is also known as involuntary urination, (uncontrolled leakage of urine). Generally,

women gets affected with it, we recommend behavioral modification (how to use toilet and keep bladder empty) as well as strengthening exercises.
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Knee/hip replacement

Align Body helps to increase your range of motion after the surgery. We conduct some

exercise helping you to straighten it. We use high-end equipments to treat it.
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Post-surgery rehabilitation

It is a very crucial process to re-establish muscle strength and full joint movement. We

help in proper blood circulation using IASTM and Cupping therapy.
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Joint/Muscle pain

We can treat for the exact cause of the joint pain by alleviating the further degeneration of

painful weak joints in our corresponding therapy session including simple activity & stretching regime.
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Tennis Elbow/Golfer’s Elbow

The common painful condition caused by overuse is Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow. We

conduct some gentle exercise with the use of high-end machines to provide strength and reduce pain or inflammation.
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Prenatal/Postnatal pregnancy classes

We offer some prenatal and postnatal pregnancy classes like regular exercise for pelvic

floor and abdominal muscle, modified push up, lunge and wall squat.
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Joint osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis

Both are the forms of arthritis and causes joint pain and stiffness.

Physiotherapy modalities treat it with TENS Therapy (electrical stimulation) and hydrotherapy.
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Post fracture treatment

Physiotherapy is beneficial after fracture; it requires immediate treatment which includes immobility after fracture

or surgery. It may take several weeks to heal and come to the normal position.
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Dr. Richa Gupta

Dr Richa Gupta is Masters in Physiotherapy with specialization in orthopedics and spine. She is Certified and trained Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction(APBC) practitioner from Robbie Goodrum (Thailand and USA)...


Richa Gupa


Cupping Therapy

This might have become trendy recently but this is not new, Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine...

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Neuro Rehabilitation

Neuro Rehabilitation Treatments use advanced techniques which treats diseases related to the brain, peripheral nerves, muscles, and spinal...

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It is one of the widest used electrotherapy treatments which we use to stimulate affected tissues which provides relief in pain and reduction of...

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